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Live interview on What’s Cookin’ on Wine


The host is Sommelier Nicole Neilson and the producer is Courtney Kadera.


Monday, June 16, 6:30 p.m. PDT for 20-25 minutes.


Live interview

I am the first to say that I have made some dumb mistakes in life and included in that category are my foolish wine mistakes.

I did not come from a family of wine generations nor did I come from anything remotely associated with wine. I am not really sure where my obsession came from but I do know that no matter where it came from it has remained with me for decades. I wasn't afraid to learn how to drive a tractor, and I wasn't afraid to embark on organic grape farming, nor was I afraid to leave my country for a year simply to track down more wine knowledge.

Fear the known and never fear the unknown. Right? Hmmmm, sometimes reversing words allows for a clearer understanding of life and its choices.

Please do not ever feel stupid about anything you say about wine, or any questions you ask because believe me, I have already topped anything dumb that you could ever do.

If you love a wine and your friend hates it does this mean you are wrong and they are right? Nope.

I am here to tell you that THERE ARE NO RIGHT ANSWERS!

Come and listen to some of those answers...