Seasons Among the Vines
New Editon

Memoir, Education



Released: 2014

Publisher: She Writes Press


Sonoma Wine, Le Cordon Bleu, French Wine, Viticulture, Author, Non-Fiction


Nearly ten years after her husband was killed in a car accident—and three days before the 2003 release of her first edition of this book—Paula Moulton took a risk and enrolled in a ten-month wine management program at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

In this second edition of Seasons Among the Vines, Moulton details the adventures that ensue when she leaves her home in Sonoma to face the unknown in France. In Paris, she has not only the struggles of living in a foreign country to cope with but also the rigors of the French academic system—complete with a one-month stint in Bergerac as a cellar rat and a six-week internship as a sommelier in a prestigious restaurant off Le Champs Elysees. Interspersed throughout her narrative is advice for weekend gardeners and wine-loving suburbanites on how to make wine at home, as well as everything a reader could ever need to know about successful food and wine pairing, how to make intelligent decisions when choosing wine, and how to smell, swirl, and taste wine like a pro.

Full of international escapades, unforeseen wine disasters, and new-world twists on old-world secrets, Seasons Among the Vines paints a bona fide picture of what it means to follow a dream even after suffering great loss.


"Seasons Among the Vines interweaves the practicalities of farming and making wine with the changes of the seasons and life. Paula Moulton's charming anecdotes of her personal experiences unfold into vital details for growing grapes. Moulton ultimately gives the reader a story about life - and the emotional and spiritual development associated with farming and making wine." - Rob Loutherback, The Wine Club

"Everything the urban and suburban backyard vinegrower needs to know to design and grow a small vineyard and make a bottle of wine. Seasons Among the Vines comes complete with war stories and inspiration." - Mike Benziger, Benziger Family Winery

"Paula Moulton's fresh approach and passion for the vineyard, combined with her extensive knowledge, make for humorous experiences that arise from practical application. Seasons Among the Vines is a wonderful reference to the natural progression of the seasons from the vineyard to the bottle." - Joan Coleman Little, granddaughter of Julio Gallo and owner of Little Vineyards Family Winery

From the Inside Flap

Seasons Among the Vines invites the reader to experience the California wine country through the eyes of a city girl turned country. Paula Moulton’s story is one of wonder and enchantment, unpreparedness and hard lessons. Ten years into her metamorphosis, she hasn’t looked back (well, maybe a glance), as she’s survived the ups and downs associated with producing wine grapes for some of California wine country’s best-known wineries, including Glen Ellen and Ravenswood.

This fun-loving tale is both adventurous and informative; interspersed throughout are solutions for weekend gardeners and wine-loving suburbanites who will find that making wine at home is not only possible, it’s all right here! Tips and instructions correlate to each season, encouraging the reader to consider the prospect of bringing self-made bottles of wine to future dinner parties.

For the casual weekend gardener who has looked to vines with a mix of wonder and trepidation or for the city-stress! ed who fantasize about escaping to the country, Moulton lays out all the stops of country living. From animal escapades, to unforeseen disasters, to trial and error with the vines, events both charming and rueful make for a very bona fide picture of what it means to follow a dream.

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